Football - Key Stage Two

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Our Football KS2 booklet covers the core skills necessary to understand all aspects of football for KS2 level abilities. Students will get to put this knowledge into practice through our carefully crafted activities.

What are you buying?

The PlanPE Football KS2 booklet. Our booklet contains everything you need for a successful PE lesson in football for key stage 2 pupils. Keep your audience engaged and entertained with our tried and tested lesson plans and activities.

Once your order is complete you'll be able to download the booklet in PDF format. The booklet is available in our standard layout (colourful with lots of images) and is also available in a printer-friendly ink save mode for when printing is required.

What do you get in the booklet?

  • Handly help guide to get the best out of our resources
  • Tips for making a great PE lesson
  • Expectations and assessment guide
  • Starter activity
  • Bundle of lesson plans
  • Activities for each lesson plan
  • Assessment criteria help sheet
  • Student assessment worksheet

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